Nordic Group International has worked on more than 190 trails projects in the U.S. and Canada.

Here are some of the most frequent questions we’ve received over the years.

What makes you different from other trails consultants?

We’re more than just trail designers, with our years of experience in winter recreation and four-season resort planning, design, and operations. Equally important, NGI projects are market driven, from initial vision through operations.

Why should we have NGI design our trails?

Trails designed by athletes, impassioned landowners, or volunteers often can’t optimize financial performance and guest numbers. Their trails may also not have the entertainment capacity for the kind of outstanding recreational experience that creates repeat visits.

Why invest in four-season multi-use trails?

These trails can give you the best return on investment. This is especially true if lodging and/or real estate development are involved.

How important is environmental stewardship in your projects?

From planning to construction, everything we do takes into account environmental sustainability/responsibility. This can include environmental education in both programs and facilities.

What do you mean by “environmental sustainability”?

Sustainability means responsible environmental stewardship and legacy-quality products designed for aesthetic fit, emphasizing natural or native materials. Energy conservation and design for exceptional durability and minimal maintenance, staff training, programs, and services should all reflect these principles.

What kinds of specialists work with you?

We can tailor services to your needs, supplementing NGI’s in-house expertise with specialists in areas such as strategic business planning, snowmaking, mountain biking, ski racing, forest management, and government permits.

What marketing services do you offer?

NGI can develop multi-year marketing plans for clients as well as websites, print materials, and publicity/media campaigns.

What do you feel is the future of cross-country skiing in North America?

Despite climate challenges, cross-country ski areas can grow if they’re well-capitalized, planned and designed facilities, supported by professional operations and marketing.